Sciatica May be More than a Pain in the Butt


Sciatica is known by many to be a pain that shoots down from your butt to your leg. Many times people don’t have true sciatica because there are several other causes of pain shooting down your leg. One of the most common causes “Sciatica” is caused by a muscle in your hip shooting pain down your leg.  Of course if you know my style you will know I can treat this very effectively because I treat muscles with expert precision in finding the exact part of the muscle that is causing your problem. The reason pain shoots down your leg is because you have trigger points referring pain down your leg. Read this article to fully understand why I get great results treating this condition.

Referred pain is a term that describes how an area that is different from where the actual pain is felt causes pain. For example, the gallbladder, which is below your rib cage in the front often shoot pain into your right shoulder even if there is not a problem with your shoulder.  Unfortunately muscles can do the same exact thing. Muscles are very good at producing referred pain. What most people don’t know is that referred pain is NOT traveling along the path of the nerves. It is not known what the referred pain travels through when it shoots into an area far from its origin. There many theories about this but that not important for this discussion. What is important is that for me it is easy to recognize the referred pain patterns for headaches and know where they are coming from.

Now that we know where the “Sciatica” is coming from lets talk about what happens to muscles in your butt that makes them refer pain down your leg into your foot. For many reasons the muscles become filled with toxins. The toxins get concentrated in part of the muscle and that irritates the part of the muscle. The irritation in the muscle causes it to contract and if it gets bad enough that portion of the muscle will be able to be felt by touch. A lot of people that can feel these with their fingers call them knots. I call them trigger points and even the ones you cant’ feel I call trigger points. That is where my expertise comes into play. The ones you cant feel have to be found using a search method that requires skilled hands and good communication with the patient. In order to treat these trigger points causing your headache we have to know why they develop.

The reason trigger points develop in the muscles is because the toxic build up in the muscles. The toxins are from various known and unknown sources. The good news is even if the toxins are from unknown sources I can still treat them. Avery common muscle toxin is caused by over use of the muscle. When the muscles work they give off exhaust called metabolites. Over utilizing the muscle will make the metabolites build up, irritate the muscle, and eventually cause a trigger point that can shoot pain into your head from your shoulders or neck.

Searching for the exact spot in your butt or hip that is causing your headache then treating it with appropriate pressure technique will instantly release the toxins from the trigger point. With in seconds your pain is easing. Then I follow up that treatment with a chiropractic adjustment to further improve the results for the ultimate combo of treatment for long lasting rehabilitative results.

The other cause of Sciatica that involves a muscle that pinches the sciatic nerve is the true cause in my opinion. Once again, I treat this with great success because….I treat muscles very effectively.  There is a small muscle in your hip called the piriformis muscle. This muscle literally lies on top of the sciatic nerve and in some people the nerve goes through the muscle. So if the muscle is very tight from over use or other causes the muscle clamps down on the sciatic nerve and irritates it. It can start as pain just in your butt then as the nerve gets pinched by the muscle even more it will start to shoot the pain down the nerve all the way to the heel. That is known as true sciatica.

Utilizing a specific pressure technique I release the nerve from the clutches of the piriformis muscle and the nerve can breath again. The Sciatic nerve mostly comes from your tailbone and the last vertebra in your spine. So, to finalize the treatment for the ultimate combination of treatments I will give a chiropractic adjustment to the related bones to further extend the relief and rehabilitative results.

Another type of Sciatica is caused by a bad disc in your spine where the discs actually bulges and pinches the nerve. Sometimes the disc actually refers pain like muscles refer pain and this is when the disc bulges and does not put pressure on the nerve. For this I use manual decompression where I have a special table where I manually control the traction very specially to the damaged disc. This action pumps the disc and allows fluid to feed and heal the disc. If surgery does not appeal to you then this should definitely be your first option combined with the muscle work that I do can be very effective in preventing surgery. You must be patient because disc problems took a long time to get that way and treating it my way can take a while but that beats the knife. I also treat failed back surgery with good results as well.

The way to determine whether you have true sciatica, pain referring from other hip muscles, or pain from a disc is determined mostly by the patter of pain and some nerve tension tests. To find out which condition you have and get it treated call 814-337-0070 for fast relief.

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